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Privacy Policy

Guandu Palace Privacy Policy


Taipei Guandu Palace, a consortium corporation, respects your privacy very much and abides by the "Personal Data Protection Act", so it has formulated a privacy protection policy. You can refer to the following privacy protection policy.


1. Channels for data collection of believers
When you log on to the Guandu Palace website, you will use the services such as the Guandu Palace network lighting, browse the webpages of some partners, and participate in publicity or prize-giving activities. Contractual relationship, collect personal information of you and the person you are praying for and keep it properly, and do not disclose your information to others.


2. Types of information collected by believers
a. For believers who use the lighting service, we will ask for your name, contact number, address, and according to the needs of the lighting and prayer work, we will need to obtain and keep the name, date of birth, and residential address of the person prayed for. , Lighting lamps and pujas.
b. For believers who have actual consumption, we will keep your accounting information.
c. We also automatically receive and record information on your device and browser, including IP address, cookie information, software and hardware attributes, and web pages you browse.


3. Purpose of use of information collected by believers
The personal data you provide (including your own personal data and the personal data of the person you are praying for), we will use it not only for services and activities including but not limited to lighting and other worshipers management, but also for identification, financial Logistics service, logistics service, marketing promotion, event notification, data analysis of followers, etc.
a. For the purpose of processing the above-mentioned services, we will entrust necessary partners to handle business-related affairs to use your basic information, lighting and blessing information, accounting information and other auxiliary information.
b. We will appoint necessary third parties (such as: cooperative manufacturers, logistics manufacturers, printing manufacturers, etc.) to use the basic information of you and the person to be prayed for when providing you with delivery mail, marketing promotion and member-related rights and interests notices.
c. The credit card information or bank information we collect is processed using a secure SSL encryption protocol to ensure your privacy, please rest assured.


4. Period and region of use of the information of believers
We will use the information of the believers (such as An Feng in the lighting area) or provide the information of the believers to the cooperative manufacturers and trustees within the scope of the above-mentioned service purposes during the existence of the "Consortium Legal Person Taipei City Guandu Temple" and within the reach of the service. square.


5. Objects of information disclosure of believers
We will only use or disclose your basic information, accounting information or other relevant information to the necessary partners, system management manufacturers and their affiliates, etc., which are entrusted by the consortium, Taipei City Guandu Palace, to handle business-related affairs. other information. Unless otherwise regulated by laws or otherwise obtained with your consent, we will not disclose your personal data to third parties other than cooperative manufacturers and partners.


6. Exercising the data rights of believers
a. In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law, unless restricted by other laws and regulations, you have the right to inquire about your personal data, request to view it, request to make a copy, request for supplement or correction, request to stop collection, processing or use, and request to delete your personal data. However, necessary handling fees may apply.
b. If you want to exercise the above rights or have other inquiries, you can contact Guandu Palace customer service to apply.
c. I hereby remind you that if you do not provide complete personal or blessing information, you may not be able to enjoy various services, promotions and latest information for believers; if the information provided by believers is incorrect, they are not protected by this statement. .


7. Revision of Privacy Protection Policy
Regarding this privacy statement, we may revise it at any time in response to changes in the social environment and legal regulations and advances in technology, and announce the content on our website.


8. Questions and Suggestions
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us through the customer service mailbox.


Effective date: September 1, 2020