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Fill in personal particulars

1. Those who fill in the birthday in the national calendar will be transferred from the temple to the birthday in the lunar calendar.
2. After completing the application, the system will provide a set of order numbers for the followers to query.
3. The temple will complete the An Feng operation within 10 days after receiving the application materials.
4. After the order is filled out and the transaction is completed, a confirmation slip will be sent to the believers by e-mail; for the receipt, in order to save resources, the receipt will be sent by e-mail within 15 days. (A paper receipt will not be sent, if you need a paper receipt, please print it yourself)
5. When paying by credit card, please do not refresh the web page to avoid repeated debits; if there is a debit failure message, please use another credit card or try again later.
6. If you use a credit card to complete the lighting payment or donation procedure, if you want to cancel or apply for a refund (please do so within 7 days after lighting the lamp and before the puja); but using other payment tools (such as supermarkets, WebATM, virtual account), cancellations and refunds are not possible. (If you want to cancel the lantern lighting and the puja, please fill in the Guandu Palace Cancellation of the Lantern Festival)

7. If you do not need to join as a member, you can tick the box to cancel the membership, and you can use the one-time lighting application
8. If you have any questions about the operation, please contact us during service hours. Service telephone (02)2858-1281 or leave a message to the mailbox

Personal particulars of contact person

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Contact Number:
Mobile Number:
Contact address:
Set a membership password:
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Three Temples:

Relief sculpture of five-sided Buddha on the beam: NT$20,000 whole/ Ksitigarbha glass (small): NT$5,000 whole/ Ksitigarbha glass (large): NT$20,000 whole/ Manjusri glass (small): NT$5,000 whole / Manjusri Glass (Large): NT$20,000 Whole / Avalokitesvara Glass (Small): NT$5,000 Whole


Hall of Five Buddhas:

Five-sided Buddha relief sculpture on the beam: NT$ 20,000 whole / Amitabha glass (small): NT 5,000 whole / Amitabha glass (large): NT 30,000 whole

※ In order to protect your rights and interests, please change the information of the praying person online within 3 days after the information is sent.

Blessed person information

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